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Symptoms Checklist

Symptoms Checklist:

A woman may be experiencing PMD if she feels some of the following symptoms for more than 2 weeks:

sad and tearful
hopeless or overwhelmed
loss of confidence
mood swings
unable to laugh
exhaustion and insomnia
loneliness and isolation
helpless,frustrated, irritable or angry

guilt, shame, or feelings of not being a good mother
extreme highs or full of energy, restlessness
changes in eating or sleeping patterns
no interest or pleasure in activities she used to enjoy
anxiety-may report aches, chest pain, shortness of breath,
numbness, tingling
poor self-care
not bonding with the baby or afraid to be with baby
repeated scary thoughts about the baby
thoughts about harming herself or the baby

A woman experiencing Postpartum Psychosis may:

have repeated scary thoughts about herself or baby

hear or see things that are not there

believe people or things are going to harm her or the baby

feel confused or out of touch with reality

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If you think your patient may cause harm to herself or her baby, it is important she get help right away.

  • Local Emergency Department
  • Mobile Crisis of Peel -24 hours-905-278-9036 (Caledon: 1-888-811-2222)
  • Distress Line Peel -24 hours- 905-278-7208)
  • Spectra Community Support Services Distress Line- 905-459-7777