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Research about PMD has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Researchers have been looking at various topics including:

  • prevalence rates of PMD in various countries and cultures,
  • risk factors,
  • short and long term effects of PMD on children and families,
  • paternal depression in the postpartum year,
  • dual parental depression,
  • post-adoption depression, and
  • effective supports and services

The information that is obtained through this research is essential in contributing to a better understanding of PMD. The links provided below will help guide you to sites that often highlight and summarize new research.

Health Evidence: provides a free and searchable registry of systematic reviews on published articles regarding interventions in public health or health promotion.

Marce Society: a yearly membership will give you access to articles, conference videos, conference reports and research regarding the mental health of women, infants and partners around the time of childbirth.

MedEdPPD Postpartum Depression: a peer reviewed site providing education to service providers, medical practitioners and professionals, as well as resources for families: includes books, websites, and journals.

MGH Centre for Women’s Health Library provides information regarding journal articles, books and videos.

Science Daily: search the latest science research news.

In 2014, staff in Peel Public Health completed a review of synthesized evidence regarding services for immigrant women with PMD:

Use of Services by Immigrant Women with Symptoms of Postpartum Depression: A Rapid Review of the evidence regarding the ways in which we can improve the use of health, community and social services for immigrant women.